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The story behind Reminiscence

The story behind Reminiscence
13 September 2016 Amiek Krakers

Written by Amiek Krakers, founder & owner of The House of Opulence – As a little girl I loved being around my grandmother. She definitely was one of the most elegant women I know, always very stylish and very much ahead of her time. Sitting on her bed, I would watch her dressing herself and putting on her make-up and delicate perfume. None of it too much, always with subtleness. One of my favourites was her beautiful leather purse. I loved going through it, playing with her lipstick; the little perfume bottle; looking at some family pictures that were inside and from time to time steal a little mint. I vividly remember the scent of her purse, a blend of raw leather, perfume, a hint of vanilla and freshness of something minty.


My long time wish was to revive the scent again, to feel that sweet moment again. A moment of feeling at home as well as inspired by the elegance of my beautiful grandmother. I had the luck to meet one of the world’s most talented perfumers and work with him. After I told him my story he took on the challenge and came back with his blend, in which French lavender, eucalyptus, rosewood, bourbon vanilla, tonka bean and anise have been combined. A “spot-on” creation. The scent was so much reminiscent of my childhood and made me travel back in time. It’s a great pleasure to be able to share it with the world through my collection. Reminiscence comes in a candle as well as reed diffuser. To see more, please go to http://thehouseofopulence.com/product/gift-set-reminiscence/