The opulence of scent

The opulence of scent
1 July 2019 Amiek Krakers

About Opulence – Behind the Scenes with Amiek Krakers, Founder of The House of Opulence 

You may wonder what that beautifully sounding word in our brand name means? Here’s all about Opulence. 

If you look up the word opulence in a dictionary you will find synonyms such as “wealth”, “abundance” and “luxuriance”, which might make you think we are all about gold, marble, glitter & glamour, but that’s not quite what I envisioned when I started The House of Opulence in 2008.

Most of my scent inspiration comes from childhood memories as well as extensive traveling around the globe. Being a very curious mind, I love traveling and wherever I go, I always travel with my nose wide open. To me there’s nothing more abundant than scent: the pure scents of nature; scents of rituals in temples, churches or homes, or entering a kitchen where dishes are created with local ingredients. The moment you enter a space with a wonderful scent, when you feel embraced and mesmerized by it….this to me is true luxury and a feeling of wealth. This is what Opulence in our brand name stands for and it has always been my aim with The House of Opulence’s home fragrance collection to offer you that feeling of luxury and moment of bliss.

What is your kind of Opulence? I would love to hear from you. You can reach me by email: