The creation of the BASMAT candles

The creation of the BASMAT candles
20 September 2018 Amiek Krakers

Every year, THE HOUSE OF OPULENCE creates a limited edition scented candle in close cooperation with an artist that we love. This year, we are proud to feature the artwork of BASMAT. Basmat Levin is a fine artist, based out of Shanghai and New York. THE HOUSE OF OPULENCE chose not only to work with BASMAT for her beautiful colourful works, but also because her name, derived from the Hebrew name Basemath means sweet smelling or fragrance. And fragrances is what we are all passionate about at THE HOUSE OF OPULENCE.

The gorgeous Basmat Levin and I met in Shanghai where we both used to live for many years. From the first moment I saw Basmat’s works, I was in love with them. Basmat’s use of colours and beautiful compositions radiate positive energy, just like herself. I dreamt of working with her patterns one day and I could not be more happy when Basmat told me how much she would love that. Just like me, she is crazy about fragrances, which is not surprising with her name that is derived from the Hebrew name Basemath meaning sweet smelling or fragrance. This simply was a match made in heaven and Basmat would love to see The House of Opulence creating candles with her works on it.
Together we spent time on selecting the best colour patterns for the packaging and jar, while The House of Opulence worked further with our French nose to create the two extra- ordinary fragrances that are blended into our premium quality of botanical waxes. We both believe that the result is stunning and nose-blowing. Both Basmat and The House of Opulence are extremely proud of the two unique candles that we have created. Now it is time for you to enjoy it. Be quick though, since this is an extremely limited edition, with only a few hundred candles BASMAT candles being created.

Nice to know: the jars are re-usable after burning for any purpose you wish for. for example for your stationary (pens/pencils, etc), teaspoons, kitchen ware, make-up pencils, or as a little vase for your flowers. You could even use it as your favourite mug! Remaining wax can easily be washed away with hot water, the jar is dishwasher proof.

We welcome you to visit to get to know more about Basmat’s beautiful works.

With love,
Amiek Krakers
Founder of The House of Opulence