A relaxing and sensual scent with notes from French lavender, eucalyptus, rosewood, anise and a base of vanilla Bourbon and Tonka bean. Our reed diffusers are made with pure essential oils, which we handpicked from all over the world. Each of the ingredients is blended with skill, precision and love. The natural rattan sticks allows the fragrance to travel up the reed and envelope the room with a subtle perfume.

Our carefully created fragrance blends can subtly perfume your interior for at least seven months, ensuring your home remains scented with the fragrance you love.

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  1. Unlike candles, you can leave diffusers unattended while you are not there.
  2. The slow and steady diffusion of each scent by the aroma reeds allow you to fully experience the different notes of each fragrance blend.
  3. You can vary the fragrance intensity by using less or more reeds, just the way you like it.
  4. Keep aroma reed diffusers out of reach from children and pets.
  5. Upon first usage carefully open the aroma reed diffuser’s bottle; do not use any sharp objects.
  6. Keep aroma reed diffusers away from heat and open flames/sparks.
  7. If you spill the liquid of an aroma reed diffuser, clean the surface immediately with some water.
  8. There is a high concentration of essential oils in our aroma reed diffuser blends, be careful not to let the blend contact skin. If it does, wash with water.
  9. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately.