Our story

Our story

We believe that every day deserves a little moment of pampering your senses and it is our passion to take you on this sensory journey with our interior scents collection to create your own moments of bliss. With a love for beautiful interiors and the power of perfumes, The House of Opulence was founded by Holland born Amiek Krakers in 2011.  To read more about our passion for scents, please click: https://www.thehouseofopulence.com/the-opulence-of-scent/

Engraved in our hearts, a perfume is timeless, prestigious, inviting us to travel through its subtle notes.

Our inspiration

Our inspiration comes from extensive travel combined with a deeply rooted interest in the use of perfumes and fragrances throughout time.

During our travels, doors to some of the world’s most unique and mesmerizing places have opened to us, all with their own ambiance and fragrance. Many of these visits have embraced us with a special sense of being which we love to share with you through our scented candle collection.

Our collection

The House of Opulence collection stands synonymous with quality, easy sophistication and down-to-earth elegance. Our collection showcases limited editions of scented candles and reed diffusers that effortlessly coordinate to create a beautifully dressed and perfumed interior.

As we like new things we add new scents to our collections from time to time, always in limited editions, so you can be sure you have something unique.

Embracing the environment

We embrace the environment and treasure craftsmanship: our candles are made from sustainably sourced botanical wax and contain essential oils, while the packaging is from recycled paper. All our candles are hand-poured by craftsmen with experience passed on from generation to generation. Our reed diffusers are made from pure essential oils, sourced globally from renowned fragrance houses.

Our fragrances

Our aim for our collections was to create a range of scents that is timeless and travels beyond borders. We carefully handpicked scents that are reminiscent of ancient times in which the purest fragrances were given as exclusive gifts.

We left no detail unattended when we created our collection and hunted for the world’s most evocative aromas. Featuring luxurious scents, our candles and reed diffusers are sure to add warmth and comfort to your home. Each of our fragrances stimulates the senses in a distinctive way, adding character and personal scent signature to any interior.

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